Panoche Valley Solar Farm Project

Scoping Report

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Scoping Report
1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose of Scoping
1.2 Summary of Proposed Project
1.3 Scoping Report Organization
2. Project Scoping
2.1 Notice of Preparation and Other Notices
2.2 Scoping Meetings
2.3 Outreach
3. Scoping Comments
3.1 Key Issues Raised during the Public Comment Period
3.2 Summary of All Public Comments and Agency Comments
4. Next Steps in the EIR Process
Appendix A. Notice of Preparation and Other Notices
Notice of Preparation
Notice of Incorrect Fax Number
Notice of Preparation - Spanish Version
Appendix B. Scoping Meeting Announcement and Handouts
Published Notice - Hollister Freelance
Published Notice - The Pinnacle
Scoping Meeting Presentation
Scoping Meeting Sign-In Sheet
Speaker Registration Card
Comment Form
Appendix C. Scoping Comment Letters:
Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society - Shani Kleinhaus
Frank Saunders
Diane Verhalen
Ruth Erickson
San Benito County Fire Department - Capt. James Dellamonica
Rani Douglas
Collette Cassidy
Daniel George
San Benito County Environmental Health - Bob Shinghai
Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition - Sheila Davis
Center for Biological Diversity, Defenders of Wildlife, Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society, Fresno Audubon Society, Monterey Audubon Society, and Santa Cruz Bird Club
Audubon California - Jordan Wellwood
Jeannette Velasquez
California Department of Conservation - Dan Otis, Program Manager
Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter - Michael Ferreira
Rancho de la Llanada - Don and Nenette Corotto
Kevin Davis (1) (2) 
Maxine Davis
Jeannette Langstaff
Dustin Mulvaney
Your Family Farm - Kim Williams
Defenders of Wildlife - Joshua Basofin & Pamela Flick
Robert Brians
Monterey Bay Air Pollution Control District - Jean Getchells
Rich Saxe
Martha Schauss
Devii Rao
Bureau of Land Management - Rick Cooper, Field Manager
Patrick & Linda Graham
California Department of Fish & Game - Jeffrey R. Single PhD, Regional Manager
Christie Kissinger
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