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Calendar 2018

January 26th, 2018

County Calendar for 2018

January 21, 2014 County of San Benito Board of Supervisors Presentation on Fact Finding Report   Click here for PDF version of the presentation  

Panoche Valley Solar Project Draft EIR Panoche Valley Solar Farm Project Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact ReportCUP No. UP 1023-09-AState Clearinghouse No. 2010031008 Prepared for:County of San Benito, CaliforniaDepartment of Planning and Building Inspection Services Prepared by:Aspen Environmental GroupSan Francisco, CaliforniaDecember 2014 These files are in Portable Document Format (PDF). To view them, you will need to […]

San Benito County Institutions Association MOU



Office Hours for all departments of San Benito County.

  10/08/13 County of San Benito Declaration of Impasse 10/08/13 SEIU Response to Declaration of Impasse 10/28/13 Joint Agreement to Mediate 10/28/13 SEIU Factfinding Request / Declaration of Impasse 11/01/13 PERB Authorization to go Factfinding 11/20/13 SEIU Request for Information dated 11/20 11/26/13 SEIU Demand to Meet and Confer / Union Counter Proposal 11/26/13 SEIU […]

County of San Benito Board of Supervisors Presentation on Factfinding Report