2017 Health Care Open Enrollment Information

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CoSB ID Card Letter
CoSB ID Card Letter Medicare eligible Retirees

EGWP Temporary ID Card (Rx)
Actives _Early Retirees Temporary ID Card(Rx)
New Enrollees Guide_CSAC EIA 175075


BOS Elects EIA Health Coverage 2017


Benefit Booklets

Anthem Choice PPO-2017 SPD
Anthem HDHP-2017 SPD_Updated

Anthem MedSupp-2017 SPD

Anthem Safety PPO-2017 SPD

Kaiser KPSA HMO with Part D 2017 SPD

Kaiser Traditional Plan 2017 SPD


Medical Premium Rate Sheet

2017 medical Rate Sheet with county contribution


Dental & Vision Rate Sheet for Active Employees

Dental & Vision Rate Sheet


Active Employees Enrollment Forms

Disabled Dependent Certification form 2014_Anthem
San Benito County UEF actives

San Benito Waiver active


Retiree Enrollment Forms

Disabled Dependent Certification form 2014_Anthem

San Benito County UEF retirees

San Benito Waiver retiree

Medicare eligible prescription plan Retirees 2017


Letters to Employees/Retirees

1st Letter 9/1/16


Frequently Asked Questions

1st FAQ 9/1/16



Active Employees

2nd FAQ 9-16-16 active employee

2nd letter 9-16-16 active employees

2017 OE E-mail

Open Enrollment Presentation Active Employees

Recorded Active Employees Presentation



2nd FAQ 09-16-16_Retirees

COSB – 2nd Letter 09-16 16_Retiree

Retirees Open Enrollment Presentation

Recorded Retiree Presentation


Prescription RX

Rx FAQ 09- 23-16_ Choice PPO & Safety PPO

Rx FAQ 09-23 16 KP
Rx FAQ 09-23-16_HDHP

National Plus Pharmacy Listing 2

Choice PPO RX-Pharmacy

Safety PPO RX-Pharmacy

2017 ESI NPF


Kaiser Permanente

2017.01.01 Kaiser Chiro Accu Summary

2017.01.01 Kaiser HMO SBC

2017.01.01 Kaiser HMO Summary

2017.01.01 KPSA HMO Summary

Copy of Santa Cruz_Approved Zip Code List_080216

KP Northern CA Non Medicare eligible zip codes

KP Northern CA Medicare eligible zip codes


Anthem Choice/Safety & HDP

2017.01.01 Anthem Choice PPO Summary

2017.01.01 Anthem HDHP Summary

207.01.01 Anthem Safety PPO Summary

2017.01.01 Anthem Choice Supp Summary


Wages Works



Health Plan Comparison Tool

Health Plan Comparison Tool




Please feel free to submit your questions electronically to: humanresources@cosb.us