2018 Health Benefits

Open Enrollment October 2, 2017 – October 20, 2017

Employee Benefits Overview

Retiree Benefits Overview


Wages Works

Take Care Flex Benefit Plan Enrollment Form by Wage Works


2018 Contributions

2018 Rate Form


Active Employee

Universal Enrollment Form – Active Employees

Waiver of Medical Coverage – Active Employees

2018 Postcard – Employees



Universal Enrollment Form – Retirees

Waiver of Medical Coverage – Retirees

2018 Postcard – Retirees

2018 Medicare – Prescription Drug Plan Benefit

Medicare Part D Notice


Express Scripts

2018 National Preferred Formulary Exclusions – Active Employees and Non-Medicare Retirees


Carrum Health – Anthem Employee Participants and Early Retirees Only

Carrum Announcement
Your New Surgery Benefit
What to Expect
Carrum Flyer
Carrum FAQ’s

Carrum COE Services


Solera – Anthem Employee Participants and Early Retirees Only

Solera Flyer

Solera Introduction

Solera FAQ’s




2018 Anthem Choice PPO – Summary of Benefits

2018 Anthem HDHP PPO- Summary of Benefits

2018 Anthem Medicare Supplement Plan

2018 Anthem Safety PPO – Summary of Benefits

Anthem – Live Health Online

Anthem – Live Health Online – FAQ’s



2018 Kaiser HMO -Summary of Benefits

2018 Kaiser Senior Advantage – Summary of Benefits

2018 Kaiser Traditional Plan Disclosure Form

Kaiser – Telehealth



Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms



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