Weed Management

What we are:

The San Benito County Weed Management Area (WMA) is a partnership of private organizations and public agencies joined together to help prevent the introduction and expansion of noxious and invasive weeds in the County.  Noxious weeds are those species of plants that are detrimental or destructive to agriculture, native species, or the environment.  Noxious weeds do not respect property lines or jurisdictions.  By combining resources and expertise of all the partners, the WMA is able to more effectively combat these “invader” weeds.

Our mission:

The WMA members will work cooperatively with land owners and managers toward the prevention and control of noxious and invasive weeds within San Benito County.  Activities will be focused on noxious weed prevention and containment, through education and control projects.

What we do:

Our efforts have concentrated on three main fronts: Inventorying, Education, and Control.

An extensive countywide survey was recently completed to inventory the type and location of the Countyís invasive weeds.  Education projects include the publication of a weed ID book and sponsoring an annual workshop on weed management and control.  Control work has been started on certain noxious weeds in specific areas using a combination of mechanical, chemical, and biological control methods.

How we are funded:

State Assembly Bill 1740 allowed the creation of Weed Management Areas to receive funding for noxious weed projects at the County level.  Most Counties in California formed Weed Management Areas to take advantage of this funding opportunity and to co-ordinate weed control efforts.  The WMA has also received financial support from the Bureau of Land Management, San Benito County Resource Conservation District and the San Benito County Cattleman’s Association.  In addition, the WMA Partners have contributed equipment, materials, and personnel hours toward the WMA projects.  The San Benito County Cattleman’s Association also provides on going funding for this website.  This website is Hosted by Professional Computer Solutions.