Esperanza Center


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Esperanza Center Mission Statement

Esperanza (Hope) Center mission is to provide clients with positive reinforcement, wellness and assertiveness to promote recovery and encourage happiness. In the path of recovery to wellness, our mission is one of perseverance to reach our goal and to not worry but be happy.

Declaracion de Misión del Centro Esperanza

La misión del Centro Esperanza es proveer a clientes estímulo positivo, el refuerzo, servicios conducidos, salud y asertividad para promover la recuperación y la felicidad. En la trayectoria de la recuperación a la salud, nuestra misión es una de perseverancia para alcanzar nuestras metas y a no preocuparnos, sino ser felices.

Monday & Wednesday 11-4pm
Tuesday & Thursday 1-5pm
Friday 9-1pm (Adults)
1-5pm (youth and adolescents)
 Friday & Saturday
LGBT Youth Resource Center and Safe Space
(Located inside the center)

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Friday (3pm-7pm) & Saturday (12pm-4pm)

The Esperanza Center

Address: 544 San Benito Street, Suite 102. Hollister, CA, 95023
Phone: (831) 636-4020, xt. 309
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Address: 1131 San Felipe Road. Hollister, CA 95023

Phone: (831) 636-4020