John Smith Road Landfill

The John Smith Road Landfill is owned by the County of San Benito and operated by Waste Connections, Inc.

2650 John Smith RoadHollister CA 95023

Hours: M-F 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Sat-Sun 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

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John Smith Landfill Rates effective July 2013

Solid Waste and Yard Waste Acceptance Policy

Remember to tarp your load.  It’s the Law!

Your tax dollars are spent each year cleaning up litter from the roadways.  The vast majority of this litter is from vehicles transporting waste to the landfill. The San Benito County Board of Supervisors approved a rate schedule effective August 1, 1999,  part of which was the implementation of a $5.00 charge if your load is not tarped or covered so as  to prevent litter.  This charge is intended as an incentive to follow existing state law as stated in the California Vehicle Code (Division 11, Section 23115(a), as follows:
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No vehicle loaded with garbage, swill, cans, bottles, waste papers, ashes, refuse, trash, or rubbish, or any other noisome, nauseous, or offensive matter,  or anything being transported to a dump site for disposal shall be driven or moved upon any highway unless the load is totally covered in a manner which will prevent the load or any part of the load from spilling or falling from the vehicle.

Franchise Agreement for Solid Waste Transport

Anyone disposing of more than 1,000 pounds must have a Franchise Agreement for Solid Waste Transport.  By definition, 1,000 pounds or over is considered commercial  waste, even though the waste may be from a household.

Anyone disposing of over 1,000 pounds needs to contact the Integrated Waste Management Department of the County to fill out the appropriate forms.  There is no cost and no other charge if the waste is generated in San Benito County.

The County requires a copy of proof of insurance for your vehicle along with the Franchise Agreement form. You may print the agreement, fill it out, and mail it along with a copy of your proof of insurance to:

San Benito County
Integrated Waste Management

2301 Technology Parkway Hollister CA

 John Smith Road Improvement Project

John Smith Road was repaved using rubberized asphalt concrete (RAC) containing 6049 used tires diverted from landfills. This project was made possible through funding from a grant from CalRecycle.