Policy and Procedure Manual


The following documents are the San Benito County EMS Policies, Procedures and Field Treatment Guidelines. For all EMS policy references after May 1, 2010, these are the official documents. If you are a holder of a binder keeping paper copies of EMS Policies & Procedures that DO NOT have an effective date of May 1, 2010, please destroy its contents.


All future changes to EMS Policy & Procedure will be published on this web site. Please consider this site’s information as the official and most current publications of the San Benito County EMS Agency.




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Section I: ALS/BLS Policies


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1000 – EMS Medical Control

1010 – Standing Orders

1020 – On Scene Transfer of Patients from Paramedic to EMT

1050 – Paramedic Interaction with Licensed Healthcare Providers

1060 – Air Medical Services

1070 – Triage for Receiving Hospital Destination

1080 – Against Medical Advice & Release at Scene

1090 – Guidelines for Base Station Contact & Call-In Format

1100 – Police at Scene

1110 – On-Scene Medical Control

1120 – Gurney & Wheelchair Van Requirements

1130 – Minimal Equipment and Medications for Transport ALS Services, ALS First Responder Engines and BLS Units

1140 – Determination / Pronouncement of Death in the Field

1180 – Transportation Plan

1190 – Guidelines for Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders/Directives

1191 – Procedures for EMS Personnel Regarding Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders/Directives Form POLST

1200 – Organ Donor Information

1250 – Interfacility Transfers

1340 – Suspected Elder & Dependent Adult Abuse Reporting Requirement Form SOC 341

1600 – STEMI Protocol



Section II: MICN


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Section III: Education, Certification and Applications


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Application for EMT/First Responder

Application for Paramedic

3000 – First Responder Certification / Recertification

3010 – Paramedic Accreditation to Practice

3010-A – Non-Emergent Paramedic Accreditation

3020 – EMT Challenge Policy for Other Licensed Healthcare Providers

3030 – Prehospital Discipline Process

3040 – Criminal Offender Record Information Requirement Live Scan

3050 – EMT Certification / Recertification

3060 – ID Badge



Section IV: Standards & Guidelines


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4000 – Life Threats

4010 – Field Personnel Exposure to a Reportable Disease

4030 – Patient Acuity Guidelines

4040 – Non-Invasive Gas Monitoring

4060 – Patient Restraint

4070 – Spinal Immobilization

4110 – Approved Abbreviations

4120 – Guidelines for Creating and Updating EMS Policy and Protocols

4200 – Multi-Casualty Incident (MCI) Plan

4300 – Emergency Worker Rehabilitation



Section V: ALS Procedures


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5000 – Advanced Airway Management

5100 – Intraosseous Infusion

5300 – Needle Thoracostomy

5500 – Accessing Pre-Vascular Access Devices (PVAD)

5600 – Pain Management

5700 – Intranasal Administration of Medications

5800 – Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

5900 – Transcutaneous Cardiac Pacing

5910 – 12 Lead EKG Procedure



Section VI: Trauma


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6000 – Trauma System Organization and Management

6010 – Trauma Data Collection and Management

6020 – Trauma Service Area

6030 – Trauma Patient Interfacility Transfers

6040 – Trauma Quality Improvement and System Evaluation

6050 – Trauma Patient Transport and Hospital Destination

6070 – MAP Trauma Triage



Section VII: Documentation / Data


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7000 – Electronic Prehospital Care Report (ePCR)



Section VIII: Adult Treatment Protocol


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Adult Drug List – Adult drugs authorized to be used by Paramedics, dosages & routes of administration and Dopamine Dosage Chart.



Cardiac Series


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C-1 – Cardiac Asystole

C-2 – Pulseless Electrical Activity

C-3 – Ventricular Fibrillation / Pulseless V-Tach

C-4 – Tachycardia >150 with Pulses

C-5 – Frequent PVC’s in the Conscious Patient

C-6 – Chest Pain / Non-Traumatic

C-7 – Bradycardia / Heart Blocks

C-8 – Ventricular Assist Devices



Environmental Series


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E-1 – Heat Exposure

E-2 – Cold Exposure – Hypothermia

E-3 – Near Drowning

E-4 – Burns

E-5 – Acute Venenous Snake Bite



Medical Series


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M-1 – Overdose and / or Poison Ingestion

M-2 – Acute Allergic Reaction

M-3 – Routine Medical Care

M-4 – Management of Nausea and Vomiting

M-5 – Excited Dilerium



Neurological Series


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N-1 – Altered Level of Consciousness

N-2 – Seizures

N-3 – Non-Traumatic Neuro Impairment (Suspect CVA)



Obstetrical / Gynecological Series


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O-1 – Uncomplicated Childbirth & Emergency Childbirth



Respiratory Series


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R-1 – Respiratory Distress with Congestion (Suspected Cardiac Origin)

R-2 – Respiratory Distress with Wheezes (Suspected Pulmonary Origin)

R-3 – Respiratory Borne Illness



Trauma Series


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T-1 – Trauma

T-2 – Isolated Limb Injuries

T-3 – Crush Injury Syndrome

T-4 – Management of Significant External Hemmorrhage



Section IX: Pediatric Treatment Protocol


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Pediatric Drug List – Pediatric Drug Dosages, Routes of Administration, Vital Sign Parameters, Laryngoscope Blade Sizes, ET Sizes, Defib, Cardioversion & Fluid Resuscitation Information



Cardiac Series


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C1-P – Cardiac Asystole

C2-P – Pulseless Electrical Activity

C3-P – Ventricular Fibrillation / Pulseless V-Tach

C4-P – Tachycardia >220 with Pulses

C7-P – Bradycardia / Heart Blocks

C8- P – Neonatal Resuscitation



Environmental Series


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E1-P – Heat Exposure

E2-P – Cold Exposure / Hypothermia

E3-P – Near Drowning

E4-P – Burns

E5-P – Acute Venomous Snake Bite



Medical Series


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M1-P – Overdose and / or Poison Ingestion

M2-P – Acute Allergic Reaction

M3-P – Routine Medical Care

M4-P – Management of Nausea and Vomiting



Neurological Series


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N1-P – Altered Level of Consciousness

N2-P – Seizures



Respiratory Series


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R1-P – Respiratory Distress without Wheezes

R2-P – Respiratory Distress with Wheezes



SIDS & ALTE Series


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S1-P – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

S2-P – Apparent Life-Threatening Event (ALTE)





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T1-P – Trauma

T2-P – Isolated Limb Trauma

T4-P – Management of Significant External Hemmorrhage



Section X: Miscellaneous


10000 – Standing Orders for Government-Issued TAMIFLU® Stockpile Program.

10100 – Safe Surrender

10200 – EMS Coverage for Mass Gatherings

10300 – First Aid Guidelines for Planned Events & Mass Gatherings

10400 – Guidelines for Transport Vehicle Permits and Inspections

10500 – Non-911 Ambulance Utilization





Ambulance Services Agreement


Ambulance Service Agreement