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About San Benito County RMA


The Resource Management Agency (RMA) brings together a range of Planning Services, Building Services,  Code Compliance, Environmental Services, Parks Operation, Capital Improvement Services, Facilities, Housing and Economic Development Division, Public Works Division, Integrated Waste Management, Community Service Areas (CSA) and Administrative Services to ensure reasonable and safe development, plan for the future needs of the County, manage infrastructure and County facilities, and protect natural resources.


RMA Director- John Guertin


Divisions within the RMA include:



  •  Planning Services – The mission of Resource Management Agency (RMA) Planning is to provide high-quality customer service in the areas of land use, development and resource protection to residents and business operators throughout the unincorporated areas of  San Benito County.

  •  Building Services– The mission of the Resource Management Agency (RMA) Building is to promote economic vitality and enhance the quality of life for the people of San Benito County.
  • Code Compliance– The Code Compliance Division enforces Grading, Building codes, Planning and Zoning violations.  Enforcement is both proactively and in response to a complaint.
  • Environmental Services– Responsible for storm drainage facilities, water and sewer collection system planning, operations and maintenance.
  • Parks Operation– San Benito County is dedicated to providing quality recreational facilities for everyone that visits our parks.
  • Facilities– Manages capital projects for the County facilities and operations.
  • Integrated Waste Management– San Benito County Integrated Waste Management Department (SBCIWM) manages a wide range of recycling, waste reduction, household hazardous waste and contract management programs for the Cities of Hollister, San Juan Bautista, and unincorporated San Benito County.
  • Public Works– The Public Works Department performs a wide variety of services these services include maintenance and construction work on the County’s extensive road and bridge infrastructure, maintenance of County building and grounds, management of three County parks, and mapping and reviewing development plans.
  • Community Services Area– The County Service Areas are responsible for the administration of maintenance and operations of the County Service Area.
  • Frequently Asked Questions– Please click here to query a list of commonly asked questions from RMA customers. Such as obtaining a building permit, requesting road repairs, general development services and question and office hours.
Name Ext Position Direct Phone Email
John P. Guertin 269 RMA Director (831) 902-2269
Brent Hipsher 268 Chief Building Official (831) 902-2268
Rosie Habing 295 Building Technician (831) 902-2295
Duane Dauphinee 291 Building Inspector (831) 902-2291
Taven Kinison Brown 294 Senior Planner/Lead Planner (831) 902-2294
James Walgren 288 Contract Planner (831) 902-2288
Darryl Boyd 286 Senior Planner  (831) 902-2286
Michael Kelly 287 Associate Planner (831) 902-2287
Rich Felsing 289 Assistant Planner (831) 902-2289
Anita Gutierrez 298 Planning Technician (831) 902-2298
Bill Nicholson (Thurs) 292 LAFCO Executive Officer (831) 902-2292
Adam Goldstone 207 Capital Projects Manager (831) 902-2207
Deems Katada 270 Engineer (831)902-2270
Miguel Sanchez 431 Engineering Technician (831) 902-2431
Kathleen Gallagher Integrated Waste Program Manager (650) 522-2591
Kevin McCarthy Integrated Waste Program Manager (650) 522-2500
Hannah Francis  303 Recycling Coordinator (831) 636-4110
Stacey Watson 290 Code Enforcement Officer III 831-902-2290
Dulce Alonso x18 Management Analyst (831) 636-4000
Louise A. La Corte 430 Accountant (831) 637-8430
Claudette Frey 272 Accounting /CSA Coordinator (831) 902-2272
Gracie Palacios 277 Accounting (831) 902-2277
Yvette Nunes 297 Account Clerk (831) 902-2297
Kevin O’Neill Interim Maintenance Superintendent (831) 636-4168
Ray Espinosa x10 County Administrative Officer (CAO) (831) 636-4000
Lorena Moreno x10 Executive Secretary to CAO (831) 636-4000
Barbara Thompson x12 Acting County Counsel (831) 636-4040
Shirley Murphy x16 Deputy County Counsel (831) 636-4040
Sarah Dickinson x15 County Counsel (831) 636-4040
Erin Liem x17 County Counsel (831) 636-4040
Steve Coffee x15 Human Resources Analyst (831) 636-4000
Janet Slibsager x13 Clerk of the Board (831) 636-4000
Melinda Casillas x16 Budget Analyst (831) 636-4000
IT Division
Sacramento Villicana IT Manager
Eddi Hernandez IT Technician