Household Hazardous Waste Program

What is Household Hazardous Waste?


Household hazardous waste (HHW) items are labeled with warnings of POISON, DANGER, CAUTION, WARNING, OR PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENTS.

Yard: Pesticides, Fungicides, Weed Killers, Pool Chemicals, Small Propane Tanks

Workshop:: Paint (all kinds), Paint Thinner, Wood Preservatives, Glues & Adhesives, Solvents, Photo Chemicals 

Garage: Antifreeze, Oil & Filters, Gasoline, Wash & Polishes, Auto Batteries, Engine Cleaners, Brake Fluid

House: Ammonia Based Cleaners, Bleach Based Cleaners, Aerosol Sprays, Polishes, Fluorescent Lamps, Nail Polish & Remover, Medications & Syringes

NOT ACCEPTED: Explosives, Ammunition, Radioactive Waste, Biological Waste (syringes & lancets must be in an approved Sharps container available free to San Benito County residents).


Receive a $5 rebate for every mercury thermometer and thermostat recycled!



In order to accommodate residents, we are extending our HHW Event hours by an hour due to the COVID-19 March-May closures.




For additional information on what to do with Household Hazardous Waste, please click the image below